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Women Professionals Group facilitates organizations and individuals to tune into their inner strength and be able to motivate and inspire other people in the business environment.Women Professionals Group provides women coaches and trainers who will assist clients in transformation processes on a personal, team or corporate level. Our coaches and trainers combine practical knowledge from corporations in profit and non profit sectors with knowledge of coaching and training skills. That is why we can assist clients on a wide array of issues regardless of industry sector. Our coaches and trainers work side by side with the client-organization to solve all coaching and training needs on a personal and corporate level. Our way of working ensures lasting results, within a limited number of sessions.
Our women coaches and trainers provide you with honest, objective, thoughtful, and experienced guidance. We help you to gain competitive advantages and reach your predetermined results!

Our services

Our women coaches and trainers primarily work with senior management and board level in the following areas:

  • Leadership and talent management
  • Authenticity and diversity
  • Personal and team performance improvement
  • Personal growth
  • Team growth
  • Organizational growth
  • Corporate culture
  • Personal appearance and effectivity
  • EtiquetteIntegrity and reputation
The way we work
  • Five phases of a coaching assignment:·
  • Intake to discuss the issues, define the scope and results.·
  • Selection and presentation of an appropriate woman coach or trainer.·
  • Actual coaching sessions.·
  • Ensure results have been met and are being incorporated in day to day life.·
  • End of the assignment.·
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