Code of conduct

Scope of this Code

This Code of Business Conduct (the “Code”) has been adopted by the Executive Board of Women Professionals Group and presents and explains the basic obligations. To start with, it is Women Professionals Group’s policy to comply with applicable laws and regulations. The women working on our behalf or connected with us are always expected to use their common sense and best judgment when addressing business conduct issues, and to seek guidance if the best course of action is not clear.

Ethical Business Practices

Integrity is the cornerstone of the way Women Professionals Group does business. A business built on integrity creates bonds of trust that lead to strong and enduring relationships with all our stakeholders, Company policy requires women entrepreneurs, professionals and investors to observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities. They must practice fair dealing, honesty and integrity in every aspect of dealing with others; the public, the business community, shareholders, customers, suppliers, competitors and government authorities. When acting on behalf of Women Professionals Group, women professionals shall not take unfair advantage through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or other unfair-dealing practices.Violation of Company policy will constitute grounds for disciplinary action, including, when appropriate, termination of the contract.

Commitments to fair dealing

  • We seek to outperform our competition fairly and honestly. We seek competitive advantages through superior performance, never through unethical or illegal business practices.
  • Our marketing efforts should be in keeping with the reputation we want Women Professionals Group to enjoy. Our promotional materials should be truthful and accurate. Such materials should be supported by sound, scientific data, and must avoid false references to the services of our competitors.
  • We are committed to consistently delivering the highest quality services. This occurs through standardized processes including processes that are being continually improved. Commitment to quality is one of our core values and is the common element that spans the organization and connects us with the clients.
  • Much of the work performed by Women Professionals Group is captured or maintained in various forms of confidential information. Proprietary information includes all non-public information that might be useful to competitors or investors or which could be harmful to our Clients if disclosed, such as business, research, marketing, sales and new product plans, objectives and strategies, records, databases, salary and benefits data, customer, employee and suppliers lists, and any unpublished financial or pricing information, and includes intellectual property. Company policy prohibits our professionals from disclosing confidential or proprietary information outside the Client’s Company, either during or after finishing the assignment, without Client’s authorization to do so. Every women professional is responsible for using the Client’s computer system (which includes use of email and the Internet) properly and in accordance with applicable laws and Company policies.
  • Women Professionals Group’s policy prohibits conflicts between the interests of its professionals and the Client’s Company.
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